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Our Story


DVItaly started in 1999, but it comes from a background of 30 years experience in the gold working sector. The company owner, Massimo Sassoli, started working in fashion in the mid-seventies. In 1983 he started working in the gold making sector, and at the end of the nineties he decided to create his own brand and create new collections that could express his creativity, inspiration and style.

His expertise and unique signature immediately caught the attention of the most important brands in the world, which entrusted him with the production of their collections. Each new item is inspected and approved during each production step, in order to guarantee a very high quality standard.

Today DVItaly represents the new artistic expression of Italian jewellery, a joint venture of excellences in the manufacturing sector. DVItaly’s products radiate charm and personality. Every jewel encloses the company history, the story of the masters who designed the jewel and of those people who produced it with care and diligence. And then there is the story of the person who chose the jewel and will treasure it.



Our mission is creating jewels that are perfect for every personality and represent stories to tell with elegance and truthfulness. We use traditional craftsmanship together with innovative techniques to shape high quality raw material and create unique and exclusive jewels; we convert our ideas into Made in Italy excellence.

A history of creativity and experience